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The cave | Parco Monte Cucco The caves - Visit | Parco Monte Cucco The Nature and the valleys of the Park | Parco Monte Cucco The caves - Visit | Parco Monte Cucco


Parco del Monte Cucco flora e la fauna | Parco Monte Cucco Parco del Monte Cucco aspetto geologico e fossili | Parco Monte Cucco

Professional Caving

The recent environmental regeneration project, provided, among other things, tooling specific part of the cave, through the application of removable anchors and static ropes are necessary for the progression... Go to page


We organize the canyoning for people without experience, accompanied by speleological guides that provide all the necessary equipment. For info and reservations INFO POINT 0759171046 Canyoning is... Go to page

Cave Exploration

Cave exploration is undertaken not only for sport and recreation, but also for purposes of geographic and scientific research. This activity has been practised for centuries on Monte Cucco and many generations... Go to page

This section is in progress but will be up and running very shortly.

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