From Giotto to Gentile
"From Giotto to Gentile, thirteenth and fourteenth century painting and sculpture in Fabriano" exhibition curator Vittorio Sgarbi. The exhibition explores...

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Point of view : The Cave of Mount Cucco
A beautiful article about the Cave of Mount Cucco from the perspective of the blogger Nicola Pezzotta! For the article visit theblog "coninfacciaunpo'disole"!

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Free Flight | Parco Monte Cucco MountainBike | Parco Monte Cucco The Nature and the valleys of the Park | Parco Monte Cucco The caves - Visit | Parco Monte Cucco


Parco del Monte Cucco - Le Grotte | Parco Monte Cucco


The original Umbrian civilization was succeeded by Roman dominion. In 220 B.C., during the first wave of Roman expansion, the censor Gaius Flaminius undertook the construction of a major route (the Via... Go to page


The particular relief features of the Alta Valle del Chiascio and the mountain ridges of the Monte Cucco Massif, as well as the absence of serious obstacles to obstruct the alternating Atlantic and Balkan... Go to page


The area around the Park of Monte Cucco has a very strong gastronomic tradition, with a great variety of high-quality local products, including cheeses, truffles, wild mushrooms, honey, pork-meats, cereals... Go to page

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