Re-opening Info Point Grotta Monte Cucco
From the 24th April it will be possible to visit the Cave of Mount Cucco. The Office for turistic informations will be open the 24-25-26-27 of April from...

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Hiking involves every year thousands of persons who love going along the many trails of Mt. Cucco and its surroundings. It is without a doubt the most practiced sport. At the moment, it represents the... Go to page

Routes though the Park

Accessing the Park along the Via Flaminia, one is able to visit and admire the historic centres of the villages lying within its boundaries. Starting from Scheggia, and by making use of the roads inside... Go to page


The original Umbrian civilization was succeeded by Roman dominion. In 220 B.C., during the first wave of Roman expansion, the censor Gaius Flaminius undertook the construction of a major route (the Via... Go to page

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