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The Parco del Monte Cucco in your pocket! The first interactive guide that orients you in the wild beauty of the Monte Cucco meadows, canyons, streams,...

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August 23: Outside and inside the Mountain Immersed in the magical underworld Meeting point and departure by bus to Costacciaro 8.30 Arrival...

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The cave | Parco Monte Cucco The caves - Visit | Parco Monte Cucco MountainBike | Parco Monte Cucco The caves - Visit | Parco Monte Cucco


Parco del Monte Cucco aspetto geologico e fossili | Parco Monte Cucco Parco del Monte Cucco - torrentismo riofreddo - Canyoning | Parco Monte Cucco


The particular relief features of the Alta Valle del Chiascio and the mountain ridges of the Monte Cucco Massif, as well as the absence of serious obstacles to obstruct the alternating Atlantic and Balkan... Go to page

Laboratory of Earth Sciences

The Natural History Museum of the Park of Monte Cucco in combination with the Laboratory of Earth Sciences has made some practical improvements to its teaching and information services. Some new sections... Go to page

This section is in progress but will be up and running very shortly.

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