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The particular relief features of the Alta Valle del Chiascio and the mountain ridges of the Monte Cucco Massif, as well as the absence of serious obstacles to obstruct the alternating Atlantic and Balkan air currents, make the Park an ideal location to practice free-flying and, especially, hang-gliding.

These positive climatic and geographical characteristics greatly simplify the processes of take-off and landing, making Monte Cucco an ideal location both for beginners learning the sport and for high-level experts. The Pian di Monte and the Sella di Culumeo in the Val di Ranco are amongst the few places where take-off and landing are possible in the same flight. Val di Ranco, Pian di Monte and La Pianaccia are the classic take-off points in the area: one of them is always suitable for take-off at any given time, whatever the prevailing wind conditions.

Monte Cucco is one of the few locations where high-level free-flying competitions, both national and international, are regularly held. Sigillo is the only municipality in Italy to have hosted a total of 7 out of 21 of the Open hang-gliding championships. It is in this district that an international competition named “Il Trofeo Monte Cucco” (Monte Cucco Trophy) is regularly staged, attracting numerous overseas participants.

A similarly popular event is the CAMPIONATI MONDIALI DI DELTAPLANO (World Hang-gliding Championships), which were first held in 1999. Down in the valley there are companies specializing in hang-gliding training, and skilled local instructors offer residential and week-end courses. The activities of both hang-gliding and paragliding are managed and promoted by the Centro Volo Libero "Monte Cucco" (Monte Cucco Free Flight Centre) which is based at the Università del Volo Libero (University of Free Flight) in Villa Scirca.